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Purpose &​



Total Training Inc. was established in 1988 for the purpose of helping athletes to improve their performance through strength training, metabolic conditioning, and mental toughness.


Our purpose is implemented using our philosophy of:


Offering structured programs that take place in a supportive, competitive

environment and focusing on athletic and personal self-improvement.  


Using science-based strength and conditioning programs which enhance explosive power, strength, flexibility, speed, agility and mental toughness.  


Presenting to each athlete an individualized weight training program that is closely monitored throughout the workout. Our programs place a premium on correct exercise technique.


Improving an athlete’s performance skills to better prepare them for their sport or endeavor. This is accomplished by improving their absolute strength, strength-speed, speed, strength, quickness, reaction skills and anaerobic conditioning using our proven system.


Our Training Programs:


1. Emphasize the athletic elements of sport and life


2. Have been developed over time and perfected with thousands of athletes


3. Improve athleticism and efficiency of movement, coordination, flexibility, torso strength and movement mechanics


4. Acknowledge the differences in the sporting demands from a novice, to an elite athlete.


5. Provide a competitive, cooperative, and supportive environment for every participant


6. Offers to all athletes improved strength and conditioning readiness for their game.


We incorporate into our periodized programs the following:


  • Strength training through multi-jointed exercises

  • Plyometrics

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Medicine Ball Work

  • Abdominal (core training work)

  • Movement drills

  • Dynamic Warm-up

  • Pre Habilitation

  • Shoulder, Hip and Ankle Stability

  • Core Strength and Stability

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