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  • What makes Total Training Inc. (TTI) different from other facilities who work with athletes?
    TTI appraises each athlete's strengths and limiting factors and then implements a seamlessly integrated training program tailored specifically to achieve the athlete's needs and goals. Our athletes know that they will reap the benefits of the most current research in the field, and will receive individualized programs that reflect this applied knowledge. Our facilities have been custom-designed and custom-built around the needs of elite athletes. We have spared no expense to ensure that our facilities provide world-class venues for every element of our program. Our customer base is very focused - elite athletes. Our elite athletes do not compete with people off-the-street for the attention of our staff and the resources of our facility. When they train with us, elite athletes feel comfortable knowing that they are in a community that allows them to meet their goals without being influenced by any outside pressures. Our subsequent athlete community is one of the finest in the world. We train many of the top champions across all major sports. Our athletes feed off of each other's success and help push each other to reach championship performance levels. TTI is an independent facility independent of any agency or outside interest. Our sole purpose is to act in the best interests of our athletes.
  • How much does it cost to train at Total Training, Inc.?"
    TTI is a premium product however, we make every effort to keep prices reasonable, and offer different levels of amenities to meet each athlete's budget. See the "Fees & Payment" Section for more.
  • How can I train at Total Training, Inc. if my College team has specified an off-season training program for me?"
    TTI takes pride in working with teams and athletes to complement and execute team-specified work. We have worked closely in the past with team strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, and therapists and dedicate ourselves to meeting both the team's and athlete's goals.
  • Can Total Training, Inc help to ensure that I maintain my training 12 months a year?"
    Yes. We offer in season workouts designed to continue the athlete's progress.
  • Do you offer any type of training for non athletes and adults?
    We offer an Executive Program. We must do a comprehensive fitness assessment and an interview to determine your fitness goals, and then the we tailor a program geared toward maximizing your strength, agility, balance and core work.
  • What about high school training?
    We offer various high school programs Our programs have attracted many young athletes who have dedicated themselves to improving their athletic performance. The focus of our high school programs is college and professional preparation. High school athletes who have trained with us have achieved goals from college scholarships to being selected in the first-rounds of professional drafts.
  • What age to you recommend that an athlete start weight training?
    We recommend 13 years or older as a good age to start as they must be mature enough to understand the commitment of training and to follow our workouts.
  • What else do you focus on besides weight training?
    To improve individuals skills we implement speed, quickness, agility, balance, and reaction drills.
  • Do you offer any nutritional advice on healthy eating or weight loss?
    Yes, we do consult with athletes and parents on proper eating, and offer many links and books through “Food for Thought."
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