- Phase 2 Reopening Guidelines


PHASE 2 GUIDELINES (revised June 24, 2020)


If you feel sick or If you've been around someone who is sick, please stay at home. Please inform TTi and we'll gladly help rebook your session(s).


All workouts are by appointment only. Sign ups can be made on the website  (


Anyone without an appointment will not be allowed to workout unless by chance the session is not full.


If you need to cancel, do so as soon as possible to allow others a chance to workout.


There will be a maximum of 40 workout participants during a session.


All sessions will start on time and end on time. If you are late, you will not have your full time.


Sessions (workouts) last120 mins. This will be strictly enforced. Participants must leave the weight room at the end of their session so cleaning can start to prepare for the next session.


Doors to the facility will be locked when the session begins and ends. Next session participants must wait outside/in car until cleaning is completed and their session time arrives.



Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained at all times. If you cannot do this, you will be asked to leave.


Use the hand sanitizer in the foyer before you enter.


All participants during a session will have their temperature taken before starting their workout. If your temperature is above normal, you will not be allowed to workout.


Face masks during the workouts are not mandatory but between sets or exercises may be a good idea.


Use healthy practices: 

Try to not touch your face- eyes, nose or mouth. 

Cover all breaks in your skin. 

Bring your own towel for personal use. 

Bring your own water bottle. 

Don’t share personal items (towels, water bottles, phones, etc).


Spray down your equipment after you finish with it. This includes benches, bars, dumbbells, machine handles, med balls, plate weight, kettlebells, stability balls, mats, and control pads on cardio machines.


The weight room towels will only be used to wipe down equipment. They are not for personal use


Use a mat or your towel to sit on the floor. Don’t share mats or towels. If using a mat, wipe/spray the mat when finished.


Upon completion of your weekly workout sheet, place only the completed sheet in the redo bin and place your plastic folder back into the file cabinet.




Use every other bench and rack


Stay at an exercise station until you have completed all sets. Do not superset exercises. If you have a complementary exercise paired with a main exercise, do the main one until finished and then do the complementary exercise. Again, exercises that are paired should be performed by completing all sets of the first exercise and then doing all sets of the second exercise. Do not alternate exercises. 


There will be No spotting on any exercise (mainly the bench press and squat). Make sure your safety bars are in place before you begin your exercise. If there is doubt about completing a given weight, lower the weight. 


Do not wander around the weight room between sets. This will help with social distancing.




Do not linger in the weight room after completing your workout. 


After your workout, wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.


Don’t leave any article of clothing or your water bottle in the weight room.



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