Performance Enhancement Programs

TTI offers structured programs that takes place in a supportive, competitive environment and focuses on athletic and personal self-improvement.  

TTI ‘s scientifically-based strength and conditioning programs enhance speed, agility, explosive power, strength and flexibility.

Each athlete receives his or her own individualized Weight Training program. All Athletes are closely monitored throughout the workout. Our programs place a premium on properly taught movement and the science of strength training.

Program Features

Our training programs:
  1. Emphasize the athletic elements of sport and life
  2. Have been developed over time and perfected with thousands of athletes
  3. Improve athleticism and efficiency of movement, coordination, flexibility, torso strength and movement mechanics
  4. Incorporate changes that acknowledge the differences in the sporting demands of a novice, to an elite athlete.
  5. Provide a competitive, cooperative, and supportive environment for every participant
  6. Provide athletes with variety and activities specific to their chosen sport.
  7. Offers to the professional and college athlete improved strength and conditioning readiness for their game.

We incorporate into our periodized programs the following:

  • Multi-jointed exercises
  • Quickness and agility training
  • Speed training
  • Plyometrics
  • Olympic lifting
  • Medicine ball work
  • Abdominal (core training work)
  • Dynamic warm ups
  • Pre-habilitation work:
  • Hip and ankle stability
  • Shoulder stability
  • Posture
  • Core strength and stability - rotator cuff
  • Balance and proprioception training

Athlete Training Programs offered

  • Holistic (for the Middle School and High School athlete just starting)
  • Performance Enhancement (2nd level for the collegiate athlete)
  • Executive (for the non athlete and adult)
  • Elite (for the advanced high school and college athlete)
  • Pro

Holistic program:

This periodized program is designed for the young athlete that is just getting started and places a premium on properly teaching movement science and strength training focusing on training the body to be more athletic.

Performance Enhancement Program:

This periodized program is designed for the high school athlete that is just getting started and places a premium on proper technique and tempo. This is a 3 days a week, non consecutive day program. The athlete will work on strength training, abdominal work, agility and balance and learn weight training techniques to get ready for the next level.

There are many levels to this program and they will be introduced to new exercises and techniques.

The goal is to not just improve fitness, but also sport-specific conditioning, athleticism, and performance abilities.

Executive Program:

This periodized non athlete or adult program is designed for either 3 or 4 days a week. There are several levels of workouts depending upon the individual and his needs. We begin with a comprehensive fitness assessment to determine your fitness goals, and then we tailor a program geared toward maximizing your strength, and working on agility, abdominal and balance.

Elite Training Program:

For the truly dedicated athlete - those who have been with us and advanced through our other programs and who hope to break into the next level of their game whether it is a college scholarship or summer workouts for college athletes.

Total Training, Inc. focuses to improve an athletes/players individual skills so they are better prepared to play their sport. We do this by improving the player's strength, speed, quickness, agility, balance, reaction skills and anaerobic conditioning using our proven methods. Plus, the athlete receives individual instruction on improving their movement skills and tactics for their particular sport.

Pro Training Program:

This program is tailored to our professional athlete's off season training, or to prepare an athlete for the NFL Combine, or NBA pre draft camp training.